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Smart repair service in Kenilworth, Warwickshire

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SMART repairs from Glossy Car Coats

SMART repair is a quick, low costing and environmentally friendly cosmetic repair system for vehicle bodies. We offer our SMART repair service to vehicles with minor damage as it ensures work is completed in a very short time.

 • Ideal for scratches, dents and other minor damage
 • Low costing and very quick turnaround
 • Utilise latest equipment for superior finish

Our SMART repair services

At Glossy Car Coats we use the latest equipment for a quick and complete repair service. As this does not require full use of our body shop, customers can expect their vehicles back to them at a quicker rate than standard repairs.

Contact us to speak to one of our technicians about our SMART repair service.

If your vehicle requires our SMART Repair service, contact Glossy Car Coats, based in Kenilworth and serving Warwickshire 
01926 512 260

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