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Professional engine diagnostics in Kenilworth and serving Warwickshire

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Expert engine diagnostics for all vehicles

When your car warning light illuminates on your dash board, an engine diagnostics check can help identify the problem before more serious damage occurs. 

When an issue is identified the Engine Control Unit (ECU) generates a code. The relevant dashboard warning lights will be displayed.

Affordable vehicle solutions

At Glossy Car Coats we use state of the art equipment for vehicle diagnostics. Our fully trained technicians can then suggest any necessary repairs to get your car back on the road and rectify the error. 

So next time your dashboard warning light appears in your car, don't pay your vehicle dealership high prices for your diagnostics check, call into us and have a diagnostics check while you wait.
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For comprehensive engine diagnostics services in Kenilworth and Warwickshire contact Glossy Car Coats
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