Bumper repairs

bumper repairs

Expert bumper repair service in Kenilworth and Warwickshire

Damaged car

High quality bumper repair service

Glossy Car Coats is renowned throughout the country for our professional bumper repair and maintenance services. No matter how bad the damage, Glossy Car Coats can restore your bumper to its original paint style and design.  

 • Scratches and dents buffed and removed
 • New paint and exact match paint jobs
 • Cracks, gaps and splits repaired

Why choose us?

Glossy Car Coats is the leading provider of professional bumper repair services in the Warwick area. We are a local business, proud of our craftsmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction, and we repair all types of body damage for a range of vehicles.  If you require a quotation on any vehicle repair work please contact us to speak to one of our highly qualified technicians.
Damage repair

Does your car need a bumper repair? Contact Glossy Car Coats based in Kenilworth and serving Warwickshire
01926 512 260

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